Top Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends to Watch in 2020

The world of business intelligence (BI) and analytics is evolving fast. According to MarketWatch, the BI market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.98% by 2025 and reach an incredible $147.19 billion. With that in mind, it’s important for businesses to keep on top of the latest BI and analytics trends to evaluate and evolve their strategies. 

To help, we reached out to some of the speakers from the upcoming BI+Analytics Conference and asked them to identify what key trends they think we should pay attention to in BI and analytics this year. Their responses are summarized below.  Continue reading

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The San Francisco 49ers Elevate the Fan Experience by Turning Business Intelligence into a Plan of Action

Sports stadiums across North America are looking to elevate their fan experience to a level of hospitality beyond the rough-and-tumble concrete spaces they once were. In that quest, no group is more particular than the Bay Area fans who head to Levi’s Stadium to watch the San Francisco 49ers play.

Data Analysis as a Superpower

Luckily Moon Javaid, VP of strategy and analytics for the San Francisco 49ers, has built a team of business intelligence (BI) superheroes with data-analyzing powers to measure the many dimensions of fan satisfaction. Working with the VP of sales and service, the chief revenue officer, and general manager of stadium operations for the 49ers, Moon’s team uses what it measures to better manage the details that make that fan experience memorable in all the right ways. “Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are some of the toughest-grading customers in the U.S.,” Moon explained.

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Top Reads: Innovations in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Over the past decade, businesses have been revolutionized by the amount of data available to them and the speed at which it can be produced. Yet, despite the excitement of data discovery, many professionals are feeling a bit of “information overload” and are lacking the formal executive support and resources needed to sustain their business intelligence (BI) and analytics functions.

With the desire to improve BI and analytics efficiencies, professionals are looking to online conversations to understand the latest trends and innovations with these tools. With so many online conversations happening on these topics, it can be overwhelming to know where to turn for relevant information. To help, we’ve compiled six of the top articles that discuss the top trends and pressures in BI and analytics. By reading the State of the Business Intelligence and Analytics and these articles, you will begin to gain an understanding of how these functions can be properly leveraged in your organization.


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Borchers Built a Cloud-Based Analytics Program in Just Four Weeks

Borchers, an Ohio-based global supplier of coatings additives and specialty catalysts, learned it needed to migrate its data and reports out of SAP BusinessObjects in just four weeks because of a company divestiture. CIO Jonathan Mortlock took this challenge one step further by using it as an opportunity to migrate to a completely cloud-based business intelligence and analytics system.

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Your Path to Hybrid Analytics: Leverage Existing Investments On-Premise and in the Cloud

Analytics and how companies use them are increasingly a differentiator in business success, so it’s important for companies to not only leverage their investments, but also to be thinking about and preparing for the future. For many data-driven professionals in business intelligence (BI) and analytics who have been mostly using on-premise tools, that means looking into cloud options. The easiest way to begin is working with a hybrid environment, where you can expand analytics insights from on-premise investments with high-speed innovation from the cloud.

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Top Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Influencers on Social Media

Over the past few years, most companies have moved towards business intelligence (BI) and data analytics in order to make more intelligent and informed business decisions. Today, organizations of all sizes realize that business intelligence and analytics are no longer an option but a necessity if they hope to survive and stay competitive. It is no wonder that Marketwatch predicts the global market for business intelligence to rise to more than $147 billion by 2025.

While many companies are adopting BI and data analytics tools, our research by ASUG shows that they currently lack the formal executive support and resources needed to sustain it. Only 21% of participants in this research reported having executives that support their BI function. While the importance of BI and analytics is on the rise, clearly, there are many barriers to the implementation of these functions that need to be removed in order to optimize these solutions fully. To learn more about the trends and challenges, see: business intelligence and analytics trends.

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Watch Now: 2019 Conference Recap

The 2019 co-located BI+Analytics and SAP-Centric Financials conference was hit. The agenda included customer success stories on leveraging SAP solutions for analytics and business intelligence. These topics equipped attendees with new concepts and practical examples to maximize SAP solutions for business successes.

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How the BI Team at Crocs Keep SAP Releases Running with Scrum and Kanban

Crocs had just wrapped up a new ERP implementation, and the temporary workers on the project were starting to move on to their next assignment. As Manager, BI/BW at Crocs, Shelly Rahe Gordon had only a leftover ticketing system and remnants of the Waterfall approach to project management left behind for the team to use. Gordon could see some potential challenges in how her IT team dedicated to business intelligence and reporting would be equipped to keep the new ERP system running at full speed while managing future releases.

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Building Business Intelligence Buy-In One Step at a Time

Business leaders are looking to get their hands on the right data that will drive the decision-making process. They want the right tools and the right people to build and implement a strategy everyone can support.

Karma Bevelhimer, vice president of retail operations for National Vision, presented at the ASUG Experience for Enterprise Information Management on the company’s path to creating a data enterprise buy-in around common core measures. She talked about how people, process, and technology each play a critical role in successfully adopting agreed-upon success metrics and how maintenance is key to keeping adoption rates high.

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BI+Analytics Webcast Series – On-Demand

When it comes to implementing new technology or leveraging your existing model, managing organizational change and expectations is often the most complex challenge every organization is faced with. How do you develop a business case and communicate results realized? How do you engage and motivate your employees to drive adoption and sustainability? Hear from these experts and top-rated 2018 BI+Analytics Conference speakers on how you can conquer your next complex technology implementation with proven best practices and lessons learned.

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