The San Francisco 49ers Elevate the Fan Experience by Turning Business Intelligence into a Plan of Action

Sports stadiums across North America are looking to elevate their fan experience to a level of hospitality beyond the rough-and-tumble concrete spaces they once were. In that quest, no group is more particular than the Bay Area fans who head to Levi’s Stadium to watch the San Francisco 49ers play.

Data Analysis as a Superpower

Luckily Moon Javaid, VP of strategy and analytics for the San Francisco 49ers, has built a team of business intelligence (BI) superheroes with data-analyzing powers to measure the many dimensions of fan satisfaction. Working with the VP of sales and service, the chief revenue officer, and general manager of stadium operations for the 49ers, Moon’s team uses what it measures to better manage the details that make that fan experience memorable in all the right ways. “Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are some of the toughest-grading customers in the U.S.,” Moon explained.

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Building Business Intelligence Buy-In One Step at a Time

Business leaders are looking to get their hands on the right data that will drive the decision-making process. They want the right tools and the right people to build and implement a strategy everyone can support.

Karma Bevelhimer, vice president of retail operations for National Vision, presented at the ASUG Experience for Enterprise Information Management on the company’s path to creating a data enterprise buy-in around common core measures. She talked about how people, process, and technology each play a critical role in successfully adopting agreed-upon success metrics and how maintenance is key to keeping adoption rates high.

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Hybrid Analytics: Providing Flexibility to Your BI Strategy

Adopted from an article originally appearing in CMSWire.

Data and information management expert Joanna Schloss explores the concept of companies moving to a “hybrid” approach, utilizing various analytics solutions and tools.

The premise of hybrid analytics centers around the idea that organizations leverage a blend of both cloud-based and on-premises technologies to deliver the optimal data center configuration. Some of the key issues that drive analytics towards a hybrid future include:


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Welcome to BI + Analytics!

13151824_802285956570852_1269024219395327537_nGreetings from Eventful Conferences! As we embark on our first year taking over the research and production of BI + Analytics (formerly SABOC and the ASUG SAP BI + Analytics Conference), we wanted to take a moment to say thanks to this impressive and passionate community.

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