The increasing demand of accurate outputs of information, timely execution of requests and emphasis on one source of truth are major pain points for the analytics departments who are resource- and budget-constrained. Utilizing these themes and listening to you and your peers, the descriptions and summaries that follow will serve as the blueprint for the BI+Analytics conference taking place in Huntington Beach, California on February 19-21, 2018. Get the full report by filling out the form and clicking “Get the Report.”

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  • Getting the Data to Talk

    Information and those who control the data are the most valuable asset to an organization – even if this is not valued as such. Without accurate information, organizations cannot make strategic changes or understand where to grow. Most companies use varying data sources and try to consolidate all the information to create meaning. This can be a complex process when multiple data layers and integrations are needed to correctly formulate reports and process information. With the emphasis on moving to the cloud and cloud-hosting information, a lot of organizations are pursuing clarity in a way they can process.

  • Data Visualization & Analysis

    We previously spoke about BusinessObjects and the new ways in which SAP is trying to keep up with changing business models and data challenges being faced in the organization. Visualizations, dashboarding and mobility are areas in which customers find the most frustration due to the level of detail the analytics provides versus the consumption of the information. 40% of customers who use BusinessObjects also use third party applications based on the simple difference or richer visualizations. The iOS user experience is expected in all facets of life and business demands that richer, beautifully presented analytics is necessary within delivery of information. The truth is that (until now) pixel perfect analytics have not been possible for the SAP customer. Customers would like to see how to create beautiful visualizations using SAP tools.

  • Developing a BI Strategy

    Analytics is the key enabler for business transformation yet most BI initiatives fail due to lack of a clear, well developed and articulated BI Strategy. It is generally accepted that analyzing your data gives your company the ability to measure success and to take advantage of competitive opportunities. Organizations need to align BI with their strategic initiatives for the IT department to understand what key metrics and information will provide the most value.

  • Migrating to HANA

    Total cost of ownership remains a top issue for financially constrained database managers. Managing data heavy servers, AWS contracts and disparate systems that do not talk to one another can often lead to underperforming systems and cumbersome response time for pulling reports and analyzing information. All customers know that SAP has launched HANA as the next step in improving speed, processing and higher ROI. Enabling the agile enterprise through unified data is the aim of most organizations. HANA databases are…

  • SAP Roadmap

    Most companies are planning their analytics roadmaps one to three years in advance. However, creating and maintaining these strategies is somewhat problematic, especially with SAP’s roadmap changing so often. Customers are looking for guidance from SAP on what they should be preparing for and how they can best get there. Moreover, they are keen to hear how other organizations are planning and how the tools and upgrades offered by SAP will allow them to get there.


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