Call for Papers Now Open!

Our Call for Papers is officially open! We would love you to submit an abstract by no later than Friday, March 24, for consideration by our conference steering committee. Share the essence of WHAT you are doing in the Business Intelligence and Analytics practice that is special, unique or different and HOW you achieved this fantastic outcome. If chosen, you will be a VIP speaker at the BI+Analytics Conference this August 7 – 9, in Nashville, TN.

Your peers are looking for that magical formula to transform their own situation. We are staying away from anything generic or obvious so please just go for it! The template – which you can access by clicking here, will guide you.

Your story – from either a business or IT perspective – should be in the realm of how you implemented or upgraded your system, or simply smart ways you are using Analytics technologies which helped you drive organizational process improvement and enabled you to better manage your people.

While writing your presentation, you should keep in mind the theme for the conference –  “Beautiful, Usable BI” –  as well as the topics that have stemmed from our research. These include:

1) Developing a BI Strategy
2) Future of BI + Analytics
3) Making Analytics Work
4) Reporting
5) Visualization Tools
6) SAP Roadmap for BI + Analytics
7) Platforms
8) Creating a More Competent Workforce
9) Data Foundation
10) Governance, Security & Risk

Important Factors:

  • Abstracts are due by Friday, March 24.
  • Once you have submitted, you can expect a call from our conference producer to unpack your story further. This will allow us to focus your abstract.
  • All abstracts will be vetted by our steering committee predominantly made up of your peers.
  • If you are a customer speaker and selected to be on our agenda, we will cover your flights, accommodation and conference pass to be our VIP guest – the first time the conference has committed to this thus far.
  • There is NO need to write a long paper. Other than your short abstract, the only other deliverable will be your final presentation which isn’t due until June.
  • If you work for a partner organization, your submission should be in conjunction with a customer in order to be considered.

Submitting a presentation also provides you with the opportunity to share this during a chapter meeting or in a webinar so we would love for you to be open to the opportunity of telling your story more than once.

For any questions about your submission, please contact the Eventful Conferences production team at +1 914-509-5354.




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